International Magazine of Studio Glass


24.02.2009 12:28:26

The International Magazine of Studio Glass
published quarterly, German/English
ISSN 1435-8565


Editor: Dr. Wolfgang Schmölders, Stadtgarten 4,
D – 47798 Krefeld (Germany), tel: 0049-2151 77 87 08

Advertising: Udo Kraushaar, Tel: +49(0)2845-5386, Fax: +49(0)2845-806949,   Advertising price list: anzeigenpreisliste

Freelance contributors: Marcie Davis (USA), Dr. Helena Horn, Frans Jeursen (NL), Norbert Kalthoff, Gerry King (AUSTRALIA), Ines Kohl, Gernot H. Merker, Ph.D. Jaroslav Polanecky(CZ), Annette Rose-Shapiro (USA), Ryoko Sato (B), Christiane Sellner, Dr. Horst Schulte, Giles Sutherland (UK).

Translations: Eva Hunte; Helen Ribka

Production: Otmar Walter

Layout: Diana Berger, Xanten

Printing house: KW-Druckmedien, Neukirchen-Vluyn

Subscription: 4 issues p.a., including postage; 35 EUR (Europe); 42 EUR (overseas, air mail postage). Single copy 7,50 EUR + postage. Payments by card, MASTER or VISA. Subscriptions will be continued, if it is not cancelled until October 31st.

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