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From Singapore to Japan

22.08.2014 08:26:40

Dominic Fonde, “The Glass Man”, moved from Singepore to Japan. He shares his first impressions with the readers of GLASHAUS/GLASSHOUSE fonde pdf


Joseph Cavalieri at Derix Glass Studios

16.07.2014 11:27:11

American Artist Joseph Cavalieri worked at Derix Glass Studios in Taunusstein, GERMANY. There he realized “Muscles and Roses” in three versions. Read his original report written for GLASHAUS/GLASSHOUSE: derix

25 Years of Anla Glas

01.07.2013 08:23:36

Anla Glas was born 25 years ago when glass artist, Ann Brewster Rosendahl, realised that other artists would also require the glass and equipment that she was bringing back to Denmark from Tiffany Glas Kunst in Germany. Read more: anla glas 2013

Taxidermy and Glass

20.06.2013 12:22:11

Joseph Cavalieri discusses two types of artistic work and shares his experiences with his “Polycephaly Series”. Read more: cavalieri, taxidermy and glass

Prized Glass in Australia

05.07.2012 12:44:08

To promote the creation, appreciation and enjoyment of glass made in Australia, 3 renowned glass prizes are founded. Read the full article written for GLASSHOUSE by Dr. Gerry King, artist and designer specializing in contemporary glass. target="_blank">PRIZED GLASS

Glass, Italy and Botox

18.06.2012 05:48:27

After his six week residency in Calabria, Italy, NY artist Joseph Cavaliery shared his experiences with author Stella de Nova.  Read more: glass italy and botox

Fitting Glass into Art Residencies

03.01.2012 07:08:08

Joseph Cavalieri shares ways of getting around obstacles, advice and observances during his residencies in Delhi India, and in Salvador, Brazil. cavalieri Sanskriti window India cavalieri Sacatar Foundation 2Photos: Sanskriti Window and Sakatar Foundation. Read more: Fitting Glass into Art Residencie, long version

Wall Piece “Patchwork”

27.09.2010 09:57:07

Detailed instructions in German by Erna Piechna-Sowersby: wandobjekt patchwork

Bowl “Flower Power”

22.07.2010 08:46:02

Step by step: Bullseye_Dekoration

Glass – the challenge for the 21st century.

09.11.2009 09:29:34

The International Commission on Glass (ICG) invited international experts to take a look into the future of glass. The ICG organized a Top-level expert meeting on the “Future of Advanced Materials and Glass-Melting Technologies for the year 2010″ in Brig (CH), in March 2008, financed by the European Union within the framework of the EPONGA project. Two expert workshops were held in parallel and covered the topics “Advances in materials: glasses, glass-ceramics, ceramics” as well as “Innovation in glass melting technology: revolution or evolution”. Three months later, the 9th ESG Conference along with the Annual Meeting of the ICG, hosted by the Slovak Glass Society, was held in June 2008 in Trencin, Slovakia.

Read more on glass – the challenge