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6th International Symposium of Engraved Glass 2014

06.02.2015 11:24:51

The 6th symposium was held in Kamenicky Senov in 2014. Read the detailed article written by Jaroslav Polanecky

6th International Symposium of Engraved Glass Kamenický Šenov
Jaroslav Polanecký
The first symposium of engraved glass was held in 1996 as a result of the endeavour of the Kamenický Šenov municipality, the Glass Museum and the Secondary Glass School (hereinafter SUPŠS) Kamenický Šenov, of the professional arts and crafts communities, manufacturing and business subjects and of the large community of researchers, collectors and experts in the engraved glass field.
The course of the first symposium exceeded all assumptions of its organizers. However all the organizing subjects expected the interest of numerous active glass artists, craftsmen and experts, Kamenický Šenov became a place of a real historical event. Beginning with the first symposium Kamenický Šenov hosted not only an elite group of glass engravers but also numerous artists who were not specifically oriented on engraved glass nevertheless who felt a need to participate in the unique event, to be experimentally engaged in the creative programme and to bring something new to the engraved glass environment. The expected interest of theorists and historians at specialized lectures was always enriched by the beneficial and innovative approaches connecting engraved glass and related techniques and technologies in sometimes unexpected contexts.
The symposium was intended as an international and generously conceived project and its aim was clearly formulated – on one hand to create an active environment for the common work of artists and craftsmen engaged in engraved glass and on the other hand to offer a wide platform for meetings of glass historians, pedagogues, theorists, technologists and businessman with the aim to present engraved glass as an essential discipline going beyond limits of glassmaking as well as crossing borders among states and continents. The international reputation achieved by the event proves the fact the aim was always fulfilled. The symposium almanacs and catalogues are valuable documents definitely confirm its benefit.
The regular holding of the symposium was interrupted in 2011 particularly because of the problematic situation of SUPŠS Kamenický Šenov that has been its decisive partner from the very beginning. Due to the actual consolidation of the situation at SUPŠS and the principal support of the Kamenický Šenov municipality, the members of the Association of the Symposium of Engraved Glass (that has been its main organizer from the very beginning) decided to organize the symposium after the six years long break, to exploit the experience from previous years and to bring a new impulse to the event.
The organizational committee prepared a changed format of the symposium outlined for 2014 in a bit reduced form compared with the past both in the number of participants and accompanying events. The aim was to create a more intimate working atmosphere concentrated both on the work in workshops and on an intensive communication among participants. The five days long working of participants was followed by a weekend programme beginning on Friday, Sept. 19 with participation of additional guests. The weekend programme included presentations of authors´ works and glass projects, professional discussions, openings of exhibitions and social meetings. The programme was crowned by the visit at the Glass Art Centre in Sázava where chosen takers in engraved glass could follow in working at the Jiří Harcuba School.
22 artists and craftsmen oriented in the first place on engraved glass were intentionally invited to the active creative participation in the symposium – 7 from the Czech Republic, 7 from abroad and 8 students of glass professions from the Czech Republic and abroad. This year the students´ programme has been included in the total concept included the exhibition where the students´ works were displayed together with works by outstanding authors as an organic part of the resulting presentation. SUPŠS offered the participants not only the opportunity to work in the engraving workshop but also the exploitation of any technical equipment. The engravers could use among others also exclusive glass semi-products delivered by a major partner of the symposium, the company of Moser a.s. Karlovy Vary, and coloured plates provided by the St. Lamberts glassworks that were used for a common work of the participants in the form of individual engravings symbolically joined in one composition.
The symposium regulations include also the opportunity to bring even finished and semi-finished pieces as the time demands of some engravings go over the possibilities of the five-day cycle. Despite of it, unique works proving the vitality of engraved glass and especially its diversity were finished or directly originated. No exaggeration to say that, even after centuries of the development when the glass engraving reached the absolute technical and creative peaks, it is a technique of extraordinary artistic and technological capabilities. Engraved glass can be understood quite unconventionally, innovatively, inventively and very contemporarily without spoiling the respect to the craft and the continuity.
One of the fundamental messages of this symposium is the fact this unique technique has real masters in the field across several generations. Another extraordinarily positive message is the finding out that numerous young authors understand the engraving as an attractive field of employment worth a systematic engagement. It is proved by the fact that even besides the students´ section one could meet both accepted masters and engravers with unorthodox approach and with ambitious to move the art limits, offer new technological solutions and possibilities of application of engraved glass. Exactly the need of new impulses and the intergeneration communication in the world of engraved glass was one of the motives leading to the origin of the symposium in Kamenický Šenov.
Within the symposium its participants could present their own works, visit glassmaking workshops and studios in the region and primarily get to know one another both professionally and socially. Thanks to the closer concept of the 6th Symposium the informal meetings were extraordinary successful.
Thus the exhibition of results of the 6th Symposium in the Glass Museum Kamenický Šenov has offered a really representative (however naturally not exhausting due to the capacity reasons of the symposium) overview of the contemporary engraved glass – the traditional approach, experimenting, new trends in the concept and application of the glass engraving as a rightful part of the contemporary creative art including the conceptual approach with an ovelap to the field of design, architecture, multimedia and the studio glass. The students´ section became an organic part of the exhibition. Works by students of secondary schools and universities were exhibited together with works by personalities who are surely classics in the field and often their teachers.
Besides, the Glass Museum offered a welcome flashback in the form of an exhibition of the selection of the best works from all the symposia held since 1996. The exhibition was opened together with the exhibition of the actual symposium and became a part of the permanent collection.
Since 1996 Kamenický Šenov has hosted hundreds of artists and experts engaged in engraved glass and glassmaking generally. Engraved glass itself is a branch not externally too attractive as the work in the hot shop processing the hot glass mass. The concentrated creative activities of glass engravers can be at work itself appreciated mainly by a professional. Thus, it is the more necessary to appreciate the fact that even so subtle, on itself focused and for many people conservative technique whose home is the at first sight statically acting workshop full of whirring engraving machines was and is repeatedly able to attract artists and experts from around the world to the small town in the north of Bohemia.
Participants of the Symposium:
The Czech Republic: Jitka Kamencová-Skuhravá, Tomáš Lesser, Lada Semecká, Jaroslav Šára, Jiří Tesař, Pavel Vydra, Jaroslava Votrubová.
Foreign Countries: Katharine Coleman (UK), Patrick Roth (Germany), Ioana Stelea (Romania), Kyoko Takeuchi (Japan), Katerina Verguelis (Israel), Wilhelm Vernim (Germany).
Students´Section: Ainsley Francis (UK), Dominika Gemerová (Czech Republic), Shinar Kaliyeva (Kazakhstan), Annette Koch (Germany), Darina Krausová (Czech Republic), Susanne Kunkel (Germany), Petra Pipková (Czech Republic), Adam Rada (Czech Republic), Kaja Welslau (Germany).
Symposium Prizes: Award for finding new ways in the free creation in engraved glass and for interesting artistic execution
Czech Republic: Foreign Countries:
1/ Jiří Tesař 1/ Ioana Stelea
2/ Jaroslav Šára 2/ Wilhelm Vernim
Student – Shinar Kaliyeva/Student – Ainsley Francis
Special award for Lada Semecká
Organizer: The Association of the Symposium of Engraved Glass Kamenický Šenov
Executive Committee: Helena Braunová (the Executive Director of the Association), Pavel Čech (the Treasurer of the Association), Jaroslav Polanecký (the Chairman of the Association).
Organizing Committee and Collaborators: Helena Braunová, Pavel Čech, Vlastimil Dvořák, Rudolf Hais, František Janák, Zbyněk Jech, Jitka Kamencová-Skuhravá, Rudolf Kment, Pavel Kopřiva, Klára Machová (the Secretary of the Symposium), Jaroslav Polanecký, Petr Stacho (SUPŠS), Jaroslav Šára (the Guarantor of the Students´ Programme), Hana Šrámková.
Curator of the Exhibition: Jaroslav Polanecký
Partners of the Symposium: the Czech Glass Society, the Faculty of Art and Design UJEP Ústí nad Labem, the Lamberts Glassworks, Lasvit – the Endowment Fund, the Kamenický Šenov Municipality, Moser Co. Karlovy Vary (the Major Partner), the Preciosa Foundation, Peter Rath, the Secondary Glass School of Kamenický Šenov.
Special Thanks to: the Kamenický Šenov Municipality, the Moser Co., Karlovy Vary
The Symposium was held under the auspices of the Deputy Governor of the Liberec Region Mrs. PhDr. Hana Maierová.

Víkendoví hosté/Weekend Guests
PavlínaČambalová, Czech Republic; Natalia Gorokhova, Russia; Frank Bartholomeus, Germany; Anne Wenzel, Germany; Christian Schmidt, Germany; Heidi Breit, Germany; Alexandra Geyermann, Germany; Norbert Kalthoff, Germany; Tim Greve, Germany; Sabina Ramershoven, Germany; Elena Ritter, Germany; Erwin Schuetz, Germany; Eveline Schuetz; Germany; Christian Schultz, Germany; Iveta Friedrichová, Glasmuseum Frauenau, Germany; Karin Rühl, Glasmuseum Frauenau, Germany; Sisi Zieselspergen, Germany; Edmond Suciu
UK; Martina Matoušková, Czech Republic; Heiko Schulze-Höing, Germany; Amy Schwartz, Corning Museum of Glass, USA; Peter Schöffel, Glashütte Lamberts, Germany.

Guests of Honour: František Kučera René Roubíček, Alfréd Lorenc, Václav Hubert, Arno Čančik.

Charles Bray

08.08.2012 06:47:51

Charles Bray died on July 22, 2012. Read the obituary by Anne Tye   Den ganzen Beitrag lesen »

Conference 2010, ‘Form’

16.09.2010 07:03:23

As in previous years, the North Lands Creative Glass annual conference proved a well organised, highly stimulating affair with a range of professional international speakers and practitioners from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds. These included the Czech glass artist Anna Matoušková, US glass blowers Ben Moore and Dante Marioni, the English figurative glass artist David Reekie, the typographer Dr Gerard Unger — as well as Keynote Speaker Dr Rüdiger Joppien, Head of the Department of Art Nouveau and 20th Century European decorative arts at Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg.  Den ganzen Beitrag lesen »

Glass School in Kamenicky Senov to close

17.01.2010 07:24:12

Deadline for the oldest school of glassmaking in the world April 1st, 2010. See: petition letter pdf.txt

Dear friends,
I want to inform you, that our provider wants definitely to close up our school in April the 1st 2010. it was said today on the press conference in Liberec, where I was not invited to. They have the plan to connect our school with the school in Novy Bor. But it means actually  physical  liquidation of our school.
Their plan is to bring students from our school to N. Bor. The deadline is 1st of April. But this is a proposal only, which must be agreed with the Liberec
County assembly in January. Till then we must do everything to inform these stupid politicians about world wide importance of our school! They have no clue, how important it is. You have free hands to do anything! The guy, who is in charge of it, the deputy Mr. Cikl, is a former ski jumper and a director of the
glass school in N. Bor is Czech language teacher! And these people are making fatal decission about the oldest glass school in the world!
Best regards!
Frantisek Janak M.A.
(the last one?) principal
The Secondary School of Glassmaking, Havlickova 57, 47114 Kamenicky Senov, The Czech Republic
Phone: +420 487 764 964, FAX:     +420 487 764 964, Mobil:   +420 739 633 700, email: janak(at)

Broadfield House Glass Museum Saved!

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Erwin Eisch

My Life and Work

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Glass Furnace, Istanbul

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‘Space Time’

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Copyright: National Glass Centre (UK)

‘SPACE-TIME’, Artists: Heike Brachlow, William S Burroughs, Vaclav Cigler, Keith Cummings, Bill Drummond, Tehching Hsieh, Dominick Labino, Liliane Lijn, Steven Pippin, Ginny Reed and Kiki Smith, 6 April – 6 September 2009, Venue: National Glass Centre (UK). ‘Space-Time’ brings together artists’ work that reflects upon the relevance of astronomical observations and the role of time in our everyday lives, memory and future. The works, drawn from artists living in the North East of England, across the UK and internationally, provide a glimpse of the breadth and scope of the common interests between art and science. The exhibition offers a means through which we can think and explore the many aspects of cosmology and the celestial world. Den ganzen Beitrag lesen »

Giles Sutherland

Glass08 – Bornholm

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At first mention, the idea of holding a major European glass exhibition and conference on an island in the middle of the Baltic Sea might seem less than realistic. But when certain historical and geographical facts about the Danish island of Bornholm become clear, the notion becomes less far-fetched.

Historically, Bornholm has held a strategic position in the Baltic – a crossing place between the southern Baltic States and the Scandinavian countries to the north and west. With plentiful supplies of sand and easy access to fuel and trading centres, the island has been an important centre for the glass industry and ceramics. Today, it is a major centre for the arts and crafts and boasts an outstanding kunstmuseum as well as a popular glass and ceramics school with a growing international reputation. Well-established names such as Baltic Sea Glass in Gudhjem and Pernille Bülow in Svaneke augment Bornholm’s reputation for studio glass. Den ganzen Beitrag lesen »

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Meeting Point London

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Under the title, ‘ASPECTS of 20th Century Glass’ the BSMGP announced this conference already months in advance as a ‘special event’ to its members and on its homepage. The two days of continuous events in the summer of 2008 were excellently organised by Adelle Corrin, in collaboration with the ‘Worshipful Company of Glaziers’. Full of information and worthwhile ‘talks’ in an exceedingly pleasant atmosphere and humorously enriched with ‘performances’ by one or other of the artists. The conference, organised mainly for members of BSMGP and the Glaziers Company, took place in the venerable Glaziers Hall adjacent to London Bridge. It began with a greeting and introduction by Caroline Benyon, board member of the BSMGP. Den ganzen Beitrag lesen »