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Charles Bray

08.08.2012 06:47:51

Charles Bray died on July 22, 2012. Read the obituary by Anne Tye   Den ganzen Beitrag lesen »

Conference 2010, ‘Form’

16.09.2010 07:03:23

As in previous years, the North Lands Creative Glass annual conference proved a well organised, highly stimulating affair with a range of professional international speakers and practitioners from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds. These included the Czech glass artist Anna Matoušková, US glass blowers Ben Moore and Dante Marioni, the English figurative glass artist David Reekie, the typographer Dr Gerard Unger — as well as Keynote Speaker Dr Rüdiger Joppien, Head of the Department of Art Nouveau and 20th Century European decorative arts at Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg.  Den ganzen Beitrag lesen »

Glass School in Kamenicky Senov to close

17.01.2010 07:24:12

Deadline for the oldest school of glassmaking in the world April 1st, 2010. See: petition letter pdf.txt

Dear friends,
I want to inform you, that our provider wants definitely to close up our school in April the 1st 2010. it was said today on the press conference in Liberec, where I was not invited to. They have the plan to connect our school with the school in Novy Bor. But it means actually  physical  liquidation of our school.
Their plan is to bring students from our school to N. Bor. The deadline is 1st of April. But this is a proposal only, which must be agreed with the Liberec
County assembly in January. Till then we must do everything to inform these stupid politicians about world wide importance of our school! They have no clue, how important it is. You have free hands to do anything! The guy, who is in charge of it, the deputy Mr. Cikl, is a former ski jumper and a director of the
glass school in N. Bor is Czech language teacher! And these people are making fatal decission about the oldest glass school in the world!
Best regards!
Frantisek Janak M.A.
(the last one?) principal
The Secondary School of Glassmaking, Havlickova 57, 47114 Kamenicky Senov, The Czech Republic
Phone: +420 487 764 964, FAX:     +420 487 764 964, Mobil:   +420 739 633 700, email: janak(at)

Broadfield House Glass Museum Saved!

03.11.2009 09:20:44

Erwin Eisch

My Life and Work

01.07.2009 01:18:53
A review by Mark Angus


Erwin started his lecture with an image proclaiming “Welcome to Erwin”: a road sign erected by the “Erwin women’s club”, referring to a small town close by to Corning. Den ganzen Beitrag lesen »

Glass Furnace, Istanbul

07.05.2009 07:21:12

 (by Dominic Fondé) 

B. Jane Cowie, renowned glass artist and creative director of Art Glass Solutions will be teaching at the Glass Furnace this June. I meanwhile will be sitting in our office in Singapore minding our new business, answering the phones and emails and surfing Facebook. I have never been to the Glass Furnace, yet I have seen the videos, heard the rave reviews and so not to put too fine a point on it, am severely envious. Den ganzen Beitrag lesen »

‘Space Time’

04.05.2009 01:59:27

Copyright: National Glass Centre (UK)

‘SPACE-TIME’, Artists: Heike Brachlow, William S Burroughs, Vaclav Cigler, Keith Cummings, Bill Drummond, Tehching Hsieh, Dominick Labino, Liliane Lijn, Steven Pippin, Ginny Reed and Kiki Smith, 6 April – 6 September 2009, Venue: National Glass Centre (UK). ‘Space-Time’ brings together artists’ work that reflects upon the relevance of astronomical observations and the role of time in our everyday lives, memory and future. The works, drawn from artists living in the North East of England, across the UK and internationally, provide a glimpse of the breadth and scope of the common interests between art and science. The exhibition offers a means through which we can think and explore the many aspects of cosmology and the celestial world. Den ganzen Beitrag lesen »

Giles Sutherland

Glass08 – Bornholm

21.11.2008 03:19:38

At first mention, the idea of holding a major European glass exhibition and conference on an island in the middle of the Baltic Sea might seem less than realistic. But when certain historical and geographical facts about the Danish island of Bornholm become clear, the notion becomes less far-fetched.

Historically, Bornholm has held a strategic position in the Baltic – a crossing place between the southern Baltic States and the Scandinavian countries to the north and west. With plentiful supplies of sand and easy access to fuel and trading centres, the island has been an important centre for the glass industry and ceramics. Today, it is a major centre for the arts and crafts and boasts an outstanding kunstmuseum as well as a popular glass and ceramics school with a growing international reputation. Well-established names such as Baltic Sea Glass in Gudhjem and Pernille Bülow in Svaneke augment Bornholm’s reputation for studio glass. Den ganzen Beitrag lesen »

Iris Nestler

Meeting Point London

17.11.2008 10:25:02

Under the title, ‘ASPECTS of 20th Century Glass’ the BSMGP announced this conference already months in advance as a ‘special event’ to its members and on its homepage. The two days of continuous events in the summer of 2008 were excellently organised by Adelle Corrin, in collaboration with the ‘Worshipful Company of Glaziers’. Full of information and worthwhile ‘talks’ in an exceedingly pleasant atmosphere and humorously enriched with ‘performances’ by one or other of the artists. The conference, organised mainly for members of BSMGP and the Glaziers Company, took place in the venerable Glaziers Hall adjacent to London Bridge. It began with a greeting and introduction by Caroline Benyon, board member of the BSMGP. Den ganzen Beitrag lesen »