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Giles Sutherland Blogspot

12.08.2010 02:55:35

The blog addresses current issues within the visual arts including exhibitions, views, features, photographs:

GAAC Conference Report

04.06.2010 08:02:26

The Glass Art association of Canada conference 2010 has ended..The lectures were greatly appreciated by the 202 registered participants that mostly came from Canada as well as six other countries.

Read the NEWSLETTER: GAAC Conference report

Vladimir Klein, new catalogue, 2010

31.05.2010 08:19:59

See the actual catalogue with excellent photos, biography, and an essay by Antonin Langhamer, Czech: katalog_2010_Klein_nahled

AIHV-Newsletter Spring 2010

20.04.2010 01:35:12
Eine umfangreiche Bibliografie zu antiken aber auch zu modernen Gläsern bietet die Association Internationale pour l’Histoire du Verre (AIHV) in ihrer Frühjahrsausgabe:   AIHVnewsletterSpring2010


GAS 2008 Journal

01.07.2009 08:47:07
Whosoever reaches for the Glass Art Society Journals takes on two disadvantages: firstly the information is a year old and secondly only a few of the illustrations are in colour. That has financial and production-related reasons. And as regards the content the disadvantages are totally irrelevant. Readers gain the impression of having been in attendance at the last international conference (2008 in Portland). In addition: becoming contemporary witnesses to the latest in glass design and of discovering artistic glass right there where the present becomes the future. There is nothing comparable in any other annual periodical. The Glass Art Society 2008 Journal, 176 pages, English. ISBN: 0278-9426. Order: