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Collectable Art

29.09.2008 01:49:59

Ursula Merker. For collectable art Ursula Merker has created a series of 10 beakers. The engravings on the theme of CARNEVALE present Venetian masquerades in different variations. They are also an homage to the lagoon city with its enchantment and lifestyle. Ursula Merker belongs to the ‘sculptors’ amongst engravers (see GLASHAUS 3/01, p12ff). In the CARNEVALE series each beaker is a one-off and demonstrates Ursula Merker’s typical way of designing from delicate drawing to vigorous relief. Ursula Merker, Cup CARNEVALE, 2008, engraved cup, 13 cm high. Special offer until the end of June 2008: 230 EUR; from July: 260 EUR plus shipping costs. Order from: Payment in advance. Money-back guarantee if purchase doesn’t come up to expectation and if sent back undamaged.

engelGerhard Ribka. Gerhard Ribka has gained an international reputation and recognition with his figurines created in his unmistakeable fashion, (see GLASHAUS 3/02, 4f and 2/06, 10f). ‘A very talented man’ Thomas S. Buechner, from the Corning Museum of Glass (USA), recently said of the artist born in 1955. Ribka’s work has often been honoured and is represented worldwide in major collections. His ‚Angel‘, especially created for the GLASHAUS edition, with the ultra-large wings of wire mesh and silicone, demonstrates all the typical characteristics of Ribka’s surface treatment. The ‘Angel’ bewitches due to a wonderful mixture of a strong presence and fragility. Gerhard Ribka, ‚Angel‘, 2007, 8 cm high, signed and limited edition 6 pieces, each 350 EUR plus p&p. Order from: Payment in advance. Money-back guarantee if purchase doesn’t come up to expectation and if sent back undamaged.



Frank Meurer (born 1976) belongs to the generation of young German glass artists. He combines an excellent technical knowledge with impressive ideas for forms. ‘Clear, fresh colours and severe forms are constantly discernible, eg. variations on the theme’, wrote Uwe Claassen in GLASHAUS 3/07, p. 10ff. In a current series of work the artist concentrates wholeheartedly on the optic effect of different coloured layers in thick-walled vessels. Using the so-called Graal technique small bowls developed in which the formal severity is changed in a subtle way. Frank Meurer is artistic director of the biennial ‘Glass Sculpture and Garden’ exhibition in Munster. His works also receive international recognition, e.g., in the Corning Review (USA), in the Danish Ebeltoft and at the Coburg Glass Prize 2006.

Frank Meurer, Bowl in the Graal technique “Olive”, 12 x 10 cm, signed and limited edition of 10. Price 260 EUR plus shipping costs.