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Glass and Light

22.08.2014 08:32:22

Dr. Gerry King is artist, designer and consultant specializing in contemporary glass. He writes for GLASSHOUSE, The International Magazine of Studio Glass, about the Kirra Illuminating Glass Award (KIGA) in Australia. king article

Ladislav Prucha

15.04.2013 04:36:15

Exhibition in Ajeto Glass Gallery in Novy Bor (CZ). Read the opening speech by Frantisek Janak:  Prucha

Bohumil Elias Sr. (1937 – 2005)

18.06.2012 01:26:35

Bohumil Elias Sr. was a leading figure of the 20th-century Czech studio glass scene.  Read more on bohumil elias sr.

Mari Meszaros, “Man’s Desire”

28.09.2011 08:15:32

Her recent work on display in Den Haag (NL). MESZAROS neu

East Meets West

08.11.2010 07:52:02

Cross-cultural influences in glassmaking in the 18th and 19th Centuries on view in Corning NY, November 18, 2010  – October 30, 2011. Read more: East Meets West

Sylvie Vandenhoucke, “Verdures”

15.07.2010 07:09:50

exhibition in Sars-Poteries (F), 24.6. – 7.11.2010. More infos: sylvie vandenhoucke

Eun-Suh Choi

19.04.2010 01:46:40

Examining the Contemplative Qualities within the Work of Eun-Suh Choi, by David Schnuckel. See GLASHAUS/GLASSHOUSE 2/2010, and read the full article: The Allure of the Improbable

Yoko Hirosawa – ‘What touches me’

05.04.2010 04:45:11

Studio Glass in Japan, 27, by Ryoko Sato. Read the article GLASHAUS/GLASSHOUSE 1-2010, page 14: studio glass in japan 27

Anna and Joe Mendel Collection

21.03.2010 09:13:51

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts presents “Studio Glass: Anna and Joe Mendel Collection”, April 8, 2010 to January 30, 2011. Read more: Mendel 16-03-10 ang

Peinture sous Verre

16.01.2010 10:58:38

4e colloque sur l’art de la peinture sous verre, Romont (Suisse):  4 RésumésPSVfr