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10+1 good reasons to read GLASHAUS/GLASSHOUSE

01.09.2010 07:03:41



Students receive a one year cost free subscription (4 issues).

Advantages, see service page with coupon for subscribers.

Your recommendation is worth a years free subscription to us: TIP TO READ.

German index of glass artists (DVG), current and exclusive from Glashaus-Verlag.

You are a glass artist and would like to publicise your work in GLASSHOUSE? Photo + text for only 50 EUR + VAT.

You are a lover of glass and would like to have your glass collection catalogued? On request, Glashaus-Verlag can offer professional help.

GLASHAUS/GLASSHOUSE offers step-by-step instructions on creating glass objects.

GLASSHOUSE is committed to open museums.

GLASSHOUSE on the monitor – subscribe and obtain by eMail:

Every additional subscriber is another reason to read GLASHAUS/GLASSHOUSE.

NEW: Architectural Art in every issue.

“GLASSHOUSE – Open for YOU, come in!”

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